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Summer Care for Your Car

December is just around the corner and summer heatwaves are getting hotter each year. While you might be taking steps to protect yourself from the heatwaves, are you making sure your car stays protected as well? The summer sun can also affect your car whether you’re in heat-stricken Adelaide or cooler Brisbane. Direct sunlight coupled

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Fleet Business: Collaborating with the Government for Road Safety

Safer roads mean shorter lead times for fleet operations. Couriers, food deliveries, and public transportation will significantly benefit from them, too. Simply put, road conditions have an impact on almost every industry. For that reason, road infrastructure is just as crucial as fleet practices. You can implement every strong safety measure there is, but if

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Buying a Used Vehicle? The Things That You First Need to Do

Buying your own vehicle is an investment, but you do not have to pay a fortune for it. You can save thousands of dollars buying a pre-loved or second-hand vehicle. Whether you are in the market for lifted trucks or you need an electric car, here are some tips that can guide you choose the

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