Surprise Features to Unlock in Your Subaru

Let’s face it; car brands come out with new models at crazy speeds and, unless we have our whole lives invested in cars, we wouldn’t be able to keep up. Having an older model does not automatically mean your car is inferior to the newcomers. These hidden features you can unlock will prove why: Chime

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buying a car

Important Financial Tips to Know Before Buying a Car

Whether it is a means for transportation or just an additional asset, a car is one of the essential commodities in the world today. In 2020, there were about 9 million automobiles sold. This is relatively lower compared with the cars sold in 2019. But even with the decline of sales due to the pandemic,

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Commuting to Work Is Never a Hassle in These Countries

Your commute can influence your every single day. If you are stuck in a traffic jam on your way to work, it can immediately turn your mood sour for the next couple of hours. As the entire human population increases each year, you can expect your commute to be so much worse. More people will

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auto repair shop

Automotive Repair: Should You Specialize or Not?

All of us want to be multi-talented individuals that can fix almost anything. In most cases, those considered “generalists” in various industries are often hired on the spot because of their wide plethora of skills. Some businesses and companies would prefer having individuals who specialize in a single skill rather than taking up all the

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residential carport

Summer Care for Your Car

December is just around the corner and summer heatwaves are getting hotter each year. While you might be taking steps to protect yourself from the heatwaves, are you making sure your car stays protected as well? The summer sun can also affect your car whether you’re in heat-stricken Adelaide or cooler Brisbane. Direct sunlight coupled

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Fleet Business: Collaborating with the Government for Road Safety

Safer roads mean shorter lead times for fleet operations. Couriers, food deliveries, and public transportation will significantly benefit from them, too. Simply put, road conditions have an impact on almost every industry. For that reason, road infrastructure is just as crucial as fleet practices. You can implement every strong safety measure there is, but if

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newly bought car

Buying a Used Vehicle? The Things That You First Need to Do

Buying your own vehicle is an investment, but you do not have to pay a fortune for it. You can save thousands of dollars buying a pre-loved or second-hand vehicle. Whether you are in the market for lifted trucks or you need an electric car, here are some tips that can guide you choose the

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